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The team behind Ag Lockdown have been at the cutting edge of Lone Worker protection and educational travel safety since 2010. Whilst not the most prolific in terms of numbers, our client led technology and innovation has been copied by the leading companies in the sector.

We have looked after in excess of 18,000 educational visits around the world. Both our lone worker and travel solutions are backed by our cutting edge 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. This facility has run without interruption since September 2013.

This sector defining creativity and vision has now led to Ag Lockdown, this in direct response to Martyns Law. Ag Lockdown is a solution recently described as "a total gamechanger" by a senior figure in the FE sector.

If you are responsible for your organisations compliance with Martyns Law / Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill. Ag Lockdown will provide you with a simple to deploy but incredibly effective solution.

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