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The introduction of Martyn's Law (whatever its final guise), will create additional responsibilities around safety planning and incident response for any venue or building which holds over 100 people.


A major part of that responsibility is the planning to cope with a lockdown and the immediate aftermath. Ag will provide an audit of entire buildings, room by room within 2-3 minutes and provide safe, ongoing comms with entire buildings, floors and individual rooms.


Ag has been developed in conjunction with Colleges, Universities, Academies and Hospitals to meet those duties and to provide a smooth, seamless response mechanism. Within minutes, we will provide an overview of your situation whilst bringing your Senior Leadership team into a dedicated conference room to determine the course of action.

Taking your response mechanism offsite, creates an air of calm, enabling Ag to provide you with the critical information you will need and the comms for you to maintain control of the situation, whether off site or locked down onsite.  Mike Tyson once said "everyone has a plan until I punch them in the mouth" Our highly trained controllers help to to take a blow and come back, armed with the facts and able to make cohesive changes to your plan if it is necessary .

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